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Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Create High-Converting Sales Videos In Just Minutes Instantly Only Using Powerpoint

we are in the age of video, company profile video, presentation, marketing, product details, look more real and clear with video. Can anyone help you easily create studio-quality videos? Is there a tool that can create videos in minutes without graphical skill, without videographing skills, No Copywriting. Using only POWERPOINT. Now you can be relieved to know Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template to make anyone can make hight quality video in just minutes Instanly.

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti. Now We Can Create Video Marketing With Instant Studio Quality, Using Only Powerpoint in Just Minutes Without Extra Additions Software and Plugins. Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti, is a friendly Newbie guy, with our help, you’ll be rocking video experts! No additional plugins or additional software required. Everything has been closed by using only powerpoint. No design, cinematic skills and required technology. A unique step-by-step tutorial and is designed to help you have all the techniques for creative and engaging videos. Lifetime access and full support as needed. You can win obstacles, so we’re here to help you with whatever you need while we’re in our training. Making studio-quality videos has never been easier with Decinema. Stop saving time, money and frustration for creating high-quality videos. Now you can draw you with studio-quality video made easy using powerpoint only!

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Templates by Agus Sakti. This is how you can create high quality videos with collection collections in just 3 simple steps! (1) Decinema provides more than 160 templates for you.Choose the one that matches the business you are working on right now. (2) Edit the Time or Animation Desired, Easyly you can edit any time and any element according to personal desires or needs. (3) Export to Video, When you are done in editing, you can directly export it to a video form. So easy!. You can make a video like this with Decinema in just a minutes. PowerPoint is Not Just about Boring Slideshows. With Our Help, You Shake Your Way To Make Video with Easy Studio Quality. We also provide a short tutorial for you in the member area. We live in a video age. This is a very interesting way to engage and sell online. Videos increase your sales, double your profits, and many people! You can create video like bellow and many more according to your purpose:

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Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Create High-Converting Sales Videos In Just Minutes Instantly Only Using Powerpoint


Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Benefit:

  • Newbie friendly, with our help, you’ll be rocking your way to video expert today!
  • No extra plugin or additional software required. everything has been covered using just powerpoint
  • No design, cinematic and tech skills required
  • Step by step tutorials are unique and designed to help you have all the technique for creative and engaging videos.
  • Lifetime access and full support as required. You may hit hurdles, and so we’re here to help you with whatever you might need while following our training
  • Quick and Easy: ​​​​​​Make stunning professional videos in just a few clicks. You Could Quickly and Easily Make Anamorphic-Look Videos Using Only PowerPoint
  • Real Anamorphic Template You do not need to create a new size or resize to look super-wide (anamorphic look). All the templates that we have made are ready to use, including animation and its transition have adjusted by us.
  • Never Released Before The video template format from PowerPoint with this super wide dimension (anamorphic look) has never existed before. This is a template package with hard work and research for several months.
  • 20% Audio is Made by Us in some main templates, the audio used is original, we make from scratch. And you also have the right to use this audio for your sales videos.
  • Bonus Dimensions 16:9 If you are unfamiliar with the anamorphic format, we have provided an old format with 16: 9 dimensions that you can use without needing to resize manually. Everything is ready for you.
  • No Monthly Fee Just Pay once and you become a lifetime member for this Decinema Anamorphic . And grab all template whatever you like

Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template Module:

Module #1:  10 Template Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Boom Typography Anamorphic
  • Brush Point Anamorphic
  • Glicth Descripction Anamorphic
  • Glitch Progressive Anamorphic
  • Glitch Old
  • Lockat Anamorphic
  • Parallax Activity Anamorphic
  • Patrol Typography Anamorphic
  • Taktuk Typography Anamorphic
  • Vintage Anamorphics

Module #2:  4 Presentation Video Template

Module #3:  4 Presentation Template

Module #4
8 Template Energic Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • energic Anamorphic #17
  • energic Anamorphic #18
  • energic Anamorphic #19
  • energic Anamorphic #20
  • energic Anamorphic #21
  • energic Anamorphic #22
  • energic Anamorphic #23
  • energic Anamorphic #24

Module #5
8 Template Intro Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Intro 1 Anamorphics
  • Intro 2 Anamorphics
  • Intro 3 Anamorphics
  • Intro 4 Anamorphics
  • Intro 5 Anamorphics
  • Intro 6 Anamorphics
  • Intro 7 Anamorphics
  • Intro 8 Anamorphics

Module #6
8 Template Outro Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #17
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #18
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #19
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #20
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #21
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #22
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #23
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #24

Module #7
10 Video Template dimension 16:9

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti

Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template Bonus:

Module #1 Anamorphic Video Template: 8 Templates X $27.00 Each” = $216.00
Module #2 Presentation Video Template: 6 Templates X $19.00 = $114.00
Module #3 Corporate Presentation Template: 6 Templates X$19.00 = $102.00
Module #4 Energic-Intro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #5 Intro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #6 Outro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #7 Cinematic Video Template (16:9 Rastio): 8 Templates X $27.00 Each = $216.00

Total $816

(worth of videos and graphics items if bought separately or outsourced)

Decinema Anamorphic

Product Funnel:

Decinema Anamorphic Platinum

Here’s What You Get In PLATINUM Discount:

Right now you have 40+ high quality video template. But if you’re going to be in business for the long haul, might we recommend you to upgrade to Platinum? You’ll get an additional 120+ GURU-Level Video Template plugged into your account instantly! It’s comes with commercial license. (including the standar Decinema) Now You can charge between $67.00 – $97.00 per minutes!

20 Template Video “Anamorphic Look”
12 Presentation Video Template
12 Presentation Template
16 Template Energic Video “Anamorphic Look”
16 Template Intro Video “Anamorphic Look”
16 Template Outro Video “Anamorphic Look”
20 Video Template dimension “16:9”


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Easiest Way to Create High Quality Videos.  I’ve been working with powerpoint video since the last 3 years and i know how this thing works. I got a chance to take a look at decinema videos and all i can say that decinema has the highest quality to bring result with video marketing. The quality is top notch and just like i said in so many occasions that my favorite and easiest way to create video is always by using proven high quality templates, and decinema Meet that requirement to help you create better and more engaging video in no time. (Maulana Malik – Internet Marketer & co-Founder of RootPixel )

Create Professinal Presentation Using Decinema Anamoprhic.  I never imagined before that now I can create awesone video using just powerpoint. Today I’ll keep my advance video editor on my desk and start using Decinema to create my professional presentation or video. It’s awesome. Thank You so much buddy!  (Sarah Alisha – Student)

FANTASTIC!  I check all the template in Decinema from Agus Sakti and it is Creatively Stunning. The Templates are easily edited and have professional look. Thank you for awesome Work Mate. Highly Recommended! ( ​​​​​​​Panji Priambudi – Presentation Consultant)

What is Anamorphic?

Anamorphic is one of the cinematography techniques to shoot widescreen footage using 35mm film or shoot using other digital devices (DSLR with anamorphic Lenses), with post processing that can produce the same ratio.

in principle, “anamorphic look” will make our video more modern and more professional look.

This time. Decinema theme “Anamorphic Look” to give the impression cinematography with as much detail.

Technically, the template setting of PowerPoint in Decinema “Anamorphic Look” has adjusted by us with that ratio. So you do not need to manually set to get the cinematic impression.

In fact all we have set up to format in PowerPoint. You just need to change the text and images without the need to bother changing the size & format in PowerPoint

Ordinary Video PowerPoint Templates

You need to set your slides to anamorphic format. Not to mention you also need to adjust the animation, transitions, and material composition that contained in the templates