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Discover : Completely Automated Software for Internet Marketing by Walt Bayliss

“Best on Groundbreaking Sales Automation Software: Finds Your Ideal Customers, Delivers The Initial Approach And Moves Them Through Your Sales Funnel On Complete Autopilot – Saving You TIME And Delivering Results”
There are many ways in developing a product or service marketing, and one of the most popular is through social networking. It takes skill and a lot of time to build sales and marketing. Then how to make all the process easier? Many tools are created to facilitate you in developing sales and marketing, the following one reviewed in this article:
With the facilities provided this application is very helpful for you who want to develop bigger business easily and quickly, this is benefit that we are offer to you:
  1. Discover lets you search the web or leading social networks for the prospects your business needs.
  2. Discover includes a sales pipeline visualisation, letting you see progress as leads become prospects and sales.
  3.  With Discover, you can set up lead searches and have these added, with throttling, to your auto-responder lists.
  4. Discover More Hyper Targeted Leads On Autopilot
  5. Discover Money Making Opportunities Whilst You Sleep
  6. (Finally) Make Money From All Those IM Products In Your Hard Drive (With Easy Sales) .
  7. Sell High Demand Services 24×7 With Sales Automation
  8. Increase Your Conversions By Getting Your Message Out To 100% Of Your New Leads Instantly

How to :

Step #1: Connecting

  1. Connect To Your Autoresponders Application (For seamless and immediate email delivery) like mailchimp, Sendlane, Aweber, Getresponse, etc
  2. Connect To Zapier And let the power of over 700 CRM Solutions, Webinar platforms and SMS follow up tools (just to start!) handle your new leads for you
  3. Connect To Social Networks. Like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for personalized searches and services

Step #2: Decide

  1. Decide on WHO your ideal customers will be (don’t worry – you can have unlimited searches running)
  2. Where are they located, What services do they need. And then let Discover go and find them for you.
  3. Decide How often you’d like to have new leads coming in
  4. Decide how many

Step #3: Discover

  1. Discover that new leads have been added to your pipe- line.
  2. Discover that the best of those leads were added to your pipelines, Autoresponder sequences and CRM solutions.
  3. And DISCOVER that sales have been made to those leads again and again and again.

Otto Product :

Otto 1:  agency license
10 Lisence $97/year
50 License $197/year
Unlimited License $297

Otto 2: Profil Pack $197

Otto 3: Engage
Personal 3 sites $9.95/month
Personal 10 sites $29.9/month
Unlimited with agency rights $47/month

Discover Is an Automated Sales Team at Your Finger- tips
This is a really exciting part of Discover. It’s not just a name and email address.
Discover will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video, and so much more –
So you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services

Discover made Simple: All you need is to just enter your keyword. Valuable: Discover will bring you fresh, hot, targeted leads on autopilot. Ready To Sell: Discover integrates with all major autoresponders.

Discover Also Bringing you in a constant supply of fresh, hot, hyper targeted leads on autopilot
Becomes a Private Investigator – telling you the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can immediately jump in with your product or service and offer them the EXACT solution they need and charge them handsomely for it. (Easy sales!) and Adds all of your new leads to your chosen autoresponder, CRM or webinar platform AND does all of the selling for you, firing off emails automatically whilst you sleep. (no more missed follow ups, EVER!)
Actually increases your conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads immediately


Where Does Discover Grab All My Leads From?

Discover puts tonnes of highly targeted leads into your projects and pipelines from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

How often does Discover go out there and grab me hot fresh targeted leads?

As often as you want! You can set up Discover to search for new leads as often as you like!

What information does Discover get for me?

As much as you need. Discover can collect email ad-dresses, names, physical addresses and even phone num-bers, so you can choose your perfect method of contact that suits you and your business.

​What can Discover show me about my leads’ needs?

Discover will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video embedded, SEO structure, Backlinks and so much more – so you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services.

Am i protected by a rock solid guarantee?

Of course. We ALWAYS have your back.

What is a Charter License?

This is something extremely special and limited. It means you pay a one time fee and not a monthly or yearly subscription

Are there any limits on the amount of leads I can generate and contact?

Yes, Each month your account will have 2500 search credits added (as part of the package you are purchasing right now). If you are looking to have a big month, or you really want to ramp up, you can purchase more credits to your account at any time. You can also run UNLIMITED searches without ‘verifying’ the email addresses

Am I really allowed to send someone an email to an address found on the web?

Yes, there are laws in place, and if you abide by them you are covered. I strongly suggest making sure you are familiar with those laws (they are simple and easy) like this article on the FTC site in the US: events/audio-video/video/complying-can-spam-act