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Discover : Completely Automated Software for Internet Marketing by Walt Bayliss

“Best on Groundbreaking Sales Automation Software: Finds Your Ideal Customers, Delivers The Initial Approach And Moves Them Through Your Sales Funnel On Complete Autopilot – Saving You TIME And Delivering Results”
There are many ways in developing a product or service marketing, and one of the most popular is through social networking. It takes skill and a lot of time to build sales and marketing. Then how to make all the process easier? Many tools are created to facilitate you in developing sales and marketing, the following one reviewed in this article:
With the facilities provided this application is very helpful for you who want to develop bigger business easily and quickly, this is benefit that we are offer to you:
  1. Discover lets you search the web or leading social networks for the prospects your business needs.
  2. Discover includes a sales pipeline visualisation, letting you see progress as leads become prospects and sales.
  3.  With Discover, you can set up lead searches and have these added, with throttling, to your auto-responder lists.
  4. Discover More Hyper Targeted Leads On Autopilot
  5. Discover Money Making Opportunities Whilst You Sleep
  6. (Finally) Make Money From All Those IM Products In Your Hard Drive (With Easy Sales) .
  7. Sell High Demand Services 24×7 With Sales Automation
  8. Increase Your Conversions By Getting Your Message Out To 100% Of Your New Leads Instantly

How to :

Step #1: Connecting

  1. Connect To Your Autoresponders Application (For seamless and immediate email delivery) like mailchimp, Sendlane, Aweber, Getresponse, etc
  2. Connect To Zapier And let the power of over 700 CRM Solutions, Webinar platforms and SMS follow up tools (just to start!) handle your new leads for you
  3. Connect To Social Networks. Like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for personalized searches and services

Step #2: Decide

  1. Decide on WHO your ideal customers will be (don’t worry – you can have unlimited searches running)
  2. Where are they located, What services do they need. And then let Discover go and find them for you.
  3. Decide How often you’d like to have new leads coming in
  4. Decide how many

Step #3: Discover

  1. Discover that new leads have been added to your pipe- line.
  2. Discover that the best of those leads were added to your pipelines, Autoresponder sequences and CRM solutions.
  3. And DISCOVER that sales have been made to those leads again and again and again.

Otto Product :

Otto 1:  agency license
10 Lisence $97/year
50 License $197/year
Unlimited License $297

Otto 2: Profil Pack $197

Otto 3: Engage
Personal 3 sites $9.95/month
Personal 10 sites $29.9/month
Unlimited with agency rights $47/month

Discover Is an Automated Sales Team at Your Finger- tips
This is a really exciting part of Discover. It’s not just a name and email address.
Discover will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video, and so much more –
So you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services

Discover made Simple: All you need is to just enter your keyword. Valuable: Discover will bring you fresh, hot, targeted leads on autopilot. Ready To Sell: Discover integrates with all major autoresponders.

Discover Also Bringing you in a constant supply of fresh, hot, hyper targeted leads on autopilot
Becomes a Private Investigator – telling you the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can immediately jump in with your product or service and offer them the EXACT solution they need and charge them handsomely for it. (Easy sales!) and Adds all of your new leads to your chosen autoresponder, CRM or webinar platform AND does all of the selling for you, firing off emails automatically whilst you sleep. (no more missed follow ups, EVER!)
Actually increases your conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads immediately


Where Does Discover Grab All My Leads From?

Discover puts tonnes of highly targeted leads into your projects and pipelines from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

How often does Discover go out there and grab me hot fresh targeted leads?

As often as you want! You can set up Discover to search for new leads as often as you like!

What information does Discover get for me?

As much as you need. Discover can collect email ad-dresses, names, physical addresses and even phone num-bers, so you can choose your perfect method of contact that suits you and your business.

​What can Discover show me about my leads’ needs?

Discover will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video embedded, SEO structure, Backlinks and so much more – so you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services.

Am i protected by a rock solid guarantee?

Of course. We ALWAYS have your back.

What is a Charter License?

This is something extremely special and limited. It means you pay a one time fee and not a monthly or yearly subscription

Are there any limits on the amount of leads I can generate and contact?

Yes, Each month your account will have 2500 search credits added (as part of the package you are purchasing right now). If you are looking to have a big month, or you really want to ramp up, you can purchase more credits to your account at any time. You can also run UNLIMITED searches without ‘verifying’ the email addresses

Am I really allowed to send someone an email to an address found on the web?

Yes, there are laws in place, and if you abide by them you are covered. I strongly suggest making sure you are familiar with those laws (they are simple and easy) like this article on the FTC site in the US: events/audio-video/video/complying-can-spam-act


Review: The Internet Marketing Clinic to growing up your business rapidly by Omar Martin and Melinda

Introducing : The Internet Marketing Clinic

The IMC is a series of 4 comprehensive online lessons created for Internet Marketers that are stuck in an unproductive rut. Each clinic is taught personally by Omar and Melinda Martin who cover EXACTLY what keeps most marketers from getting ahead. They will attack the issues head on and show you the simple practical and repeatable solutions THEY have personally used for Traffic, List Building, Conversion and Scaling.
This isn’t a bunch of regurgitated hyped up theory. These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations along with the didactic training on the fastest and most reliable methods that are used to succeed in these areas today. The class recordings are available in the members area along with verbatim PDF transcripts and other accompanying material. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists.

4 Critical Things to Changed Your Life on Digital Era


A constant stream of targeted action takers to all of your websites.

  • The 3 most effective ways you can get traffic that will WANT to buy. (This will practically guarantee that you always have a stream of targeted buyers.)
  • The fastest way to get clicks and start seeing measurable results. (You’ll save precious time and countless headaches with this one method.)
  • The “poor mans guide” to paid traffic (You’ll finally learn some easy and cost effective ways to tap into PPC)
  • Tactful ways to get other marketers to send you their buyers (This one has been staring you in the face and you won’t believe how easy it is. )

A large, responsive database of highly engaged subscribers.

  • The four hypnotic factors that practically FORCE people to buy. (Now you’ll be able to get people to take action FAST and create repeat loyal customers.)
  • High performance AFFILIATE conversion tactics that bank over $700 daily. (You’ve been leaving so many commissions on the table and we’re gonna show you how to snatch’em up.)
  • Our 5 secret backend methods for converting low ticket buyers into $10k, $18k, and even $32k customers (Now you’ll be tapping into the BIG ticket sales that are made behind the scenes.)
    And many more conversion tips used by experts to create repeat business!

Repeatedly turning prospects into action takers on command.

  • The four hypnotic factors that practically FORCE people to buy. (Now you’ll be able to get people to take action FAST and create repeat loyal customers.)
  • High performance AFFILIATE conversion tactics that bank over $700 daily. (You’ve been leaving so many commissions on the table and we’re gonna show you how to snatch’em up.)
  • Our 5 secret backend methods for converting low ticket buyers into $10k, $18k, and even $32k customers (Now you’ll be tapping into the BIG ticket sales that are made behind the scenes.)
  • And many more conversion tips used by experts to create repeat business!

Duplication and automation systems for growing your business

  • Time saving way to grow the sales side of your business with a FREE app. (This is our secreat weapon for quickly repeating succesful campaigns over and over!)
  • The keys to managing big projects without losing your mind (When you learn this method you’ll be able to build multiple products and launches at one time!)
  • The exact tools that can automate your income on a shoestring budget. (Take a look behind the curtain and see the time saving and duplication tools and plugins we use ourselves!)
  • The trick to winning bigger and bigger launch contests and making evergreen commissions (This one will OPEN YOUR EYES and make you re-think your whole affiliate game!)

Review from user

“I’m always brutally honest and this clinic was amazing. The material was awesome and Omar presents it like no other! He went over how to correctly do 4 MUST HAVE things that lead you directly to the money. Very eye opening and professionally presented! I realize my online business cannot afford to be without theses elements, please do yourself a favor and watch it! He has an ingenious way of schooling that is down to earth, funny, witty and he kept me inspired. He put his heart and soul into the presentation.”
– Will Golding, VIP Member

“I attended the IM Clinic and watched the replay, there was so much useful information in that one webinar alone. Mastering those four core topics is the most essential thing to do for your online business, and this training can be used for ANY online business. Omar and Melinda have really hit the nail on the head with this training. This was one of the best in-depth training sessions I’ve ever been on. Top work.”
– Sarah McLeod, VIP Member

“Hang on to your seats because Omar gets down and dirty on this training! I was on the first webinar and he went into the SPECIFIC nitty gritty stuff that most people just leave out. Even as an experienced marketer I had several “Aha” moments. Omar really tells it to you straight inside the IMC. I sure wish that this kind of brutally honest training was available when I first started online because it would have saved me countless hours of struggling.”
– Lonnie Robinson, VIP Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will I be able to use this as a complete newbie?
A.YES! As long as you can get on the Internet, then Internet Marketing Clinic can work for you, if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

Q.Will I need to spend money to make this work?
A.YES! Any serious business needs some level of investment in the proper tools and resources. However, we show how you can keep your costs as low as possible and still reach your goals.

Q.Does this work for any niche?
A.YES! The skills and techniques taught in Internet Marketing Clinic can be used for any online business, regardless of the niche.

Q.What if I need help or have questions?
A.When you join the Internet Marketing Clinic, you become a part of a larger community full of members at all levels. There is never a shortage of help. And our superstar support team is always available to help you with accessing your course.

Q.I don’t get it. Why so much value for such a little price? What’s the real catch?
A.We are doing this because we remember what it’s like to be a newbie looking for the truth. There is only one catch. Internet Marketing Clinic is not some push button, get rich quick scheme. You will learn to build a real business the right way. That takes work and commitment.

Q.How do I get instant access?
A.Just click the order button and once your order is complete, you will receive the access details to Internet Marketing Clinic in your inbox immediately. Just log into the site with your access details and start learning right away.

What You Get When You Join Today:

  • VIP Access To All Four (4) Internet Marketing Clinics
  • Downloadable PDF Transcription Of Each
  • Downloadable Video Version Of Each IM Clinic
  • World Class VIP Support Via The HLS HelpDesk

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Create High-Converting Sales Videos In Just Minutes Instantly Only Using Powerpoint

we are in the age of video, company profile video, presentation, marketing, product details, look more real and clear with video. Can anyone help you easily create studio-quality videos? Is there a tool that can create videos in minutes without graphical skill, without videographing skills, No Copywriting. Using only POWERPOINT. Now you can be relieved to know Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template to make anyone can make hight quality video in just minutes Instanly.

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti. Now We Can Create Video Marketing With Instant Studio Quality, Using Only Powerpoint in Just Minutes Without Extra Additions Software and Plugins. Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti, is a friendly Newbie guy, with our help, you’ll be rocking video experts! No additional plugins or additional software required. Everything has been closed by using only powerpoint. No design, cinematic skills and required technology. A unique step-by-step tutorial and is designed to help you have all the techniques for creative and engaging videos. Lifetime access and full support as needed. You can win obstacles, so we’re here to help you with whatever you need while we’re in our training. Making studio-quality videos has never been easier with Decinema. Stop saving time, money and frustration for creating high-quality videos. Now you can draw you with studio-quality video made easy using powerpoint only!

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Templates by Agus Sakti. This is how you can create high quality videos with collection collections in just 3 simple steps! (1) Decinema provides more than 160 templates for you.Choose the one that matches the business you are working on right now. (2) Edit the Time or Animation Desired, Easyly you can edit any time and any element according to personal desires or needs. (3) Export to Video, When you are done in editing, you can directly export it to a video form. So easy!. You can make a video like this with Decinema in just a minutes. PowerPoint is Not Just about Boring Slideshows. With Our Help, You Shake Your Way To Make Video with Easy Studio Quality. We also provide a short tutorial for you in the member area. We live in a video age. This is a very interesting way to engage and sell online. Videos increase your sales, double your profits, and many people! You can create video like bellow and many more according to your purpose:

check here to get 75% off:
Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Create High-Converting Sales Videos In Just Minutes Instantly Only Using Powerpoint


Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template Benefit:

  • Newbie friendly, with our help, you’ll be rocking your way to video expert today!
  • No extra plugin or additional software required. everything has been covered using just powerpoint
  • No design, cinematic and tech skills required
  • Step by step tutorials are unique and designed to help you have all the technique for creative and engaging videos.
  • Lifetime access and full support as required. You may hit hurdles, and so we’re here to help you with whatever you might need while following our training
  • Quick and Easy: ​​​​​​Make stunning professional videos in just a few clicks. You Could Quickly and Easily Make Anamorphic-Look Videos Using Only PowerPoint
  • Real Anamorphic Template You do not need to create a new size or resize to look super-wide (anamorphic look). All the templates that we have made are ready to use, including animation and its transition have adjusted by us.
  • Never Released Before The video template format from PowerPoint with this super wide dimension (anamorphic look) has never existed before. This is a template package with hard work and research for several months.
  • 20% Audio is Made by Us in some main templates, the audio used is original, we make from scratch. And you also have the right to use this audio for your sales videos.
  • Bonus Dimensions 16:9 If you are unfamiliar with the anamorphic format, we have provided an old format with 16: 9 dimensions that you can use without needing to resize manually. Everything is ready for you.
  • No Monthly Fee Just Pay once and you become a lifetime member for this Decinema Anamorphic . And grab all template whatever you like

Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template Module:

Module #1:  10 Template Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Boom Typography Anamorphic
  • Brush Point Anamorphic
  • Glicth Descripction Anamorphic
  • Glitch Progressive Anamorphic
  • Glitch Old
  • Lockat Anamorphic
  • Parallax Activity Anamorphic
  • Patrol Typography Anamorphic
  • Taktuk Typography Anamorphic
  • Vintage Anamorphics

Module #2:  4 Presentation Video Template

Module #3:  4 Presentation Template

Module #4
8 Template Energic Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • energic Anamorphic #17
  • energic Anamorphic #18
  • energic Anamorphic #19
  • energic Anamorphic #20
  • energic Anamorphic #21
  • energic Anamorphic #22
  • energic Anamorphic #23
  • energic Anamorphic #24

Module #5
8 Template Intro Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Intro 1 Anamorphics
  • Intro 2 Anamorphics
  • Intro 3 Anamorphics
  • Intro 4 Anamorphics
  • Intro 5 Anamorphics
  • Intro 6 Anamorphics
  • Intro 7 Anamorphics
  • Intro 8 Anamorphics

Module #6
8 Template Outro Video “Anamorphic Look”

  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #17
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #18
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #19
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #20
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #21
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #22
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #23
  • Outro Video “Anamorphic Look” #24

Module #7
10 Video Template dimension 16:9

Decinema 2: Anamorphic Video Template by Agus Sakti

Decinema: Anamorphic Video Template Bonus:

Module #1 Anamorphic Video Template: 8 Templates X $27.00 Each” = $216.00
Module #2 Presentation Video Template: 6 Templates X $19.00 = $114.00
Module #3 Corporate Presentation Template: 6 Templates X$19.00 = $102.00
Module #4 Energic-Intro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #5 Intro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #6 Outro Video Template: 4 Templates X $14.00 = $56.00
Module #7 Cinematic Video Template (16:9 Rastio): 8 Templates X $27.00 Each = $216.00

Total $816

(worth of videos and graphics items if bought separately or outsourced)

Decinema Anamorphic

Product Funnel:

Decinema Anamorphic Platinum

Here’s What You Get In PLATINUM Discount:

Right now you have 40+ high quality video template. But if you’re going to be in business for the long haul, might we recommend you to upgrade to Platinum? You’ll get an additional 120+ GURU-Level Video Template plugged into your account instantly! It’s comes with commercial license. (including the standar Decinema) Now You can charge between $67.00 – $97.00 per minutes!

20 Template Video “Anamorphic Look”
12 Presentation Video Template
12 Presentation Template
16 Template Energic Video “Anamorphic Look”
16 Template Intro Video “Anamorphic Look”
16 Template Outro Video “Anamorphic Look”
20 Video Template dimension “16:9”


Decinema Anamorphic BEST OFFER

Decinema Anamorphic Discount



Easiest Way to Create High Quality Videos.  I’ve been working with powerpoint video since the last 3 years and i know how this thing works. I got a chance to take a look at decinema videos and all i can say that decinema has the highest quality to bring result with video marketing. The quality is top notch and just like i said in so many occasions that my favorite and easiest way to create video is always by using proven high quality templates, and decinema Meet that requirement to help you create better and more engaging video in no time. (Maulana Malik – Internet Marketer & co-Founder of RootPixel )

Create Professinal Presentation Using Decinema Anamoprhic.  I never imagined before that now I can create awesone video using just powerpoint. Today I’ll keep my advance video editor on my desk and start using Decinema to create my professional presentation or video. It’s awesome. Thank You so much buddy!  (Sarah Alisha – Student)

FANTASTIC!  I check all the template in Decinema from Agus Sakti and it is Creatively Stunning. The Templates are easily edited and have professional look. Thank you for awesome Work Mate. Highly Recommended! ( ​​​​​​​Panji Priambudi – Presentation Consultant)

What is Anamorphic?

Anamorphic is one of the cinematography techniques to shoot widescreen footage using 35mm film or shoot using other digital devices (DSLR with anamorphic Lenses), with post processing that can produce the same ratio.

in principle, “anamorphic look” will make our video more modern and more professional look.

This time. Decinema theme “Anamorphic Look” to give the impression cinematography with as much detail.

Technically, the template setting of PowerPoint in Decinema “Anamorphic Look” has adjusted by us with that ratio. So you do not need to manually set to get the cinematic impression.

In fact all we have set up to format in PowerPoint. You just need to change the text and images without the need to bother changing the size & format in PowerPoint

Ordinary Video PowerPoint Templates

You need to set your slides to anamorphic format. Not to mention you also need to adjust the animation, transitions, and material composition that contained in the templates

Viddyoze Full-Auto Video Animation Software!

Create video animation your self in 3 clicks With The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software!

Add to cart

This video contains templates from our Template Club subscription. For more information please see the FAQ

Viddyoze provide Studio-Grade Intros, Outros CTAs, Logo Stings, Social Actions, And More…All Done In The Cloud, So You Can Create From Anywhere

How Viddyoze make video animation easiest and simple:

  • The ONLY fully-automated video animation maker for marketers and businesses
  • Say goodbye to expensive contractors and unreliable freelancers
  • No previous experience needed
  • Get high-class, professional animations in just 3 clicks
  • Customize animations to match your brand in seconds
  • 100% Cloud based. No software to install. Easy access whenever you need it
6,000 People Use Viddyoze To Make Their Competition Cry. Here’s Why:

Viddyoze is an incredible platform for creating different types of video elements to add into your videos. Super easy to use and the videos look amazing! Great job guys..

Josh Ratta

This is a must have for anyone serious into internet marketing with video or any business providing video marketing services! The Viddyoze team have gone above and beyond to not only bring amazing technology to the masses, but make it simple & easy to use with a well done cloud platform. Grab this now if you want more engagement in your business and serious video branding.

Ben Murray – Expert Online Marketer

The easiest high end video animation tool I’ve ever used, that actually produces quality results! So far, It’s the best tool I have used this year. I am pretty sure it will be the best tool of the year!

Alex Sebastian

Video is the future, someone said; we are in the future now, and you must deliver high quality videos in order to create an impact and get results; now thanks to Viddyoze, you can add that professional look that makes a difference between good videos and bad videos. If you want to create videos that get results and make an impact, you must get Viddyoze. I’m so impressed with Viddyoze that I’ll be using it regularly on my video projects.

Jimmy Mancini –

Just wanted to give you props on the new Viddyoze software. I love the simplicity and speed of it. Last night I created 2 different logo reveals in under 5 minutes TOTAL! This is exactly what a busy video marketer needs to create quick intro/outro animations.

Steve Walther

All I can say is wow! So easy to use no training is needed. I just chose my template and BAM I had a new animated logo reveal in just minutes!

Robert Stone – Project Manager Mass Media SEO

WOW! I am really blown away with this…. Very impressive software indeed. Very fun and easy to use! I made 3 videos in about 10 minutes… I’m speechless… Thank you for making this software a reality. Rock Solid!

Tony Thunberg

Once I was inside of Viddyoze, I saw many possibilities. As an entrepreneur, this software can be one of the best investments for your business. It’s affordable & easy to use. 2 Minutes and your video has a pro status!

Lemy Yusento

Studio-Grade Intros & Logo Stings

These are not the logo stings your Granddaddy finds on Fiverr.

These are astonishing, professional, studio-quality animations that used to only be possible with AfterEffects.

Stunning Social Actions

If you’re not being social, you’re being left behind. Viddyoze’s social media animations bring in the likes, follows, shares and retweets that say ‘this guy is worth talking about’.

Seamless Transitions

You want to be known as the guy with scrappy scene-cuts? Of course not.

You want to be known as the guy with transitions so sexy even Scarlett Johansson would get jealous.

With Viddyoze’s huge template bank, your videos will flow effortlessly from start to finish.

Compelling Outros & CTAs

Maximize your sales, shares and sign ups… because these outros aren’t just designed to look pretty.

They’re all approved by pro-marketers, so your videos will look amazing and convert like crazy too.

Lower Thirds

Give your videos a professional shine and gain that next level of respect.

Your videos can instantly stand out from the pack with just a couple of clicks… and you’ll never need to go near AfterEffects again

Movie filters

Lens flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading and more let you turn your video into something Spielberg would be proud of. Stick it on YouTube and wait for Marvel to come calling.

ALPHA Technology

EXCLUSIVE to Viddyoze.

Transparency technology takes ALL your animations to the next level.

No other tool can do this… which is why you’ll blow your competition off the map.

Viddyoze Lite Personal Licence


Access To Viddyoze


Maximum of 30 Renders per Month


Unlimited Use Of Animations For Personal Videos


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Viddyoze Commercial Licence


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Get 80+ Professional Viddyoze Templates *


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